Gatehouse Guards

Professional gatehouse security services from PROTECTION Security provides individual property, businesses, homes, industrial areas and private residential areas with the highest level of service and security at your doorstep.

Our services can be arranged to which may include spot checks. Spot checks can include vehicle and handbag checks which may be of particular importance to properties that handle stock on site.

Our guardhouse guards will protect your building and house personnel and security equipment. Guardhouses have historically been dormitories for sentries or guards, and places, where sentries not posted to sentry posts, wait “on call”, but are more professionally managed by PROTECTION Security Services.

PROTECTION Security providing fully trained and skilled gatehouse security guards we know that when your guest arrive not only is it our duty that we confirm their identity check but that we also consider their safety. Taking a highly professional attitudes and approach to our gatehouse security service, we can perform duties such as vehicle checks, managing stock on site and keeping attendance records and providing a friendly behaviour to all those coming and leaving your premise.

PROTECTION Security provides a huge skill - including

  • Regular mobile patrol and foot patrol
  • Report any unusual incident and tackle the situation
  • Our all guards are well uniformed
  • Monitor all oncoming cars to your site and record them
  • Carry out vehicle check and search them
  • Checking CCTV surveillance
  • Keeping all record and register them