Event Guards

We provide the very best security guards in all aspects of the security industry at all types of events across the London and Wales and UK. Our 24/7 dedicated teams are trained to the highest industry standards.

As well as receiving our PROTECTION Security in-house training which promises that they are fully trained and understand exactly what is expected of from our clients.

The quick thinking and have knowledge -how of our events security team mean that your premises and event will be safe and secure, whilst our staff pride themselves on their professional, friendly manner which will leave your guest feeling comfortable.

Our security guards will be well trained to address unwelcome intruders and will react quickly to calmly minimise the threat and make the situation in under control.

We offer a range of security services such as

  • Search team
  • Surveillance Teams
  • VIP & Backstage
  • Licensed Door Supervisors
  • Control Room Operation
  • Main gate supervision
  • Queue management
  • Event surveillance