Construction Site Security

Security for a Construction site is most important. Most building and construction sites are vulnerable and target for thieves as they contain a lot of high-value plant, materials, and equipment.

Giving security for construction sites can be very challenging because they are day to day vary. When the construction project starts lots of people they need to come and exit and valuable materials, machines are left on site. That’s why it’s very important to have professional security.

EasyDo Security has highly qualified security personnel who you can relay and trust.

Our all construction Security Guards are fully qualified, uniformed and SIA approved. We will also provide and work to our commitment, our assessment documents which are always available on every site we provide security.

Threats to construction sites

The UK construction industry is a multi-million-pound industry – and that’s just its losses! Seriously, latest statistics from insurer Allianz Cornhill recently revealed that theft alone costs the industry £800M a year.

As such, the construction industry currently struggles significantly with lost costs through both theft and vandalism. Theft of vehicles and machinery is common, whilst construction sites are also a popular target for the theft of metals – with over 7,000 metal-related thefts recorded per month.

How We Work

  • Communicate with local police, local council, and organisation
  • Provide site security
  • Monitored all visitor activity and register them
  • Provide 24/7 security and monitor CCTV
  • Carrying out Searches
  • Adhering to Health and Safety rules
  • Deterring access to unauthorised individuals
  • Controlled entry and exit systems

Threats to demolition sites

Demolition sites are most vulnerable and criminal for a variety of reasons. Although this site often surrounded by security fences or security gate those are not enough to protect your valuable item in your premises. Often thieves break into your premises and steal items. After demolition of the site, the building is also important to note that all item can’t be removed at once, all item like tools, materials, plants and other machinery lying in your premises it can be very inviting to a thief.

How We Work

  • Ensure all authorised personnel or visitors enter the site.
  • Monitor video surveillance and response to the alarm
  • Check every vehicle enters and exit
  • A regular patrol of exterior and interior fence
  • Make a list of your items in your site and patrol regularly